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Anke Products Wooden Top Fragrance Diffuser

Anke Products (Pty) Ltd is a South African company based in a tranquil, artistic little town called Parys, which is less than an hour from Johannesburg on the banks of the Vaal River. Anke Massyn, our in-house connoisseur, is the mastermind behind the design of our amazing Wooden Cap mechanism. She continually looks for new ideas to improve and extend our product offering from her various travels and influences from around the World.

Paul, our fragrance expert, is an internationally acclaimed fragrance chemist who has done work for brands such as the Waldorf Astoria Hotel New York, Ralph Lauren Corporation and many more globally recognized top-tier brands. Paul makes up a central part of our team and adds tremendously to our secret formula as a business success.

The global aromatherapy diffusers market size was estimated at USD 1.22 billion in 2016. Increasing awareness about maintaining a healthy lifestyle coupled with a large number of health benefits associated with essential and fragrance oils are anticipated to drive the global demand for the product.

A large number of health benefits associated with these natural extracts are anticipated to drive the use of the product at homes, workplaces, hotels, etc. The inhalation of fragrances through these dispensers also has no direct side effects unlike when taken orally or applied directly on the skin. This acts as a major driving factor for the industry.

Furthermore, increasing demand for relaxing and pleasant aromatic ambiances at offices is expected to foster the industry growth. However, limited availability of essential oils, stringent laws against harvesting & cultivation are considered to be a few restraining factors.

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Our Fragrances

A perfect combination of fruity floral aroma with gentle bursts of grapefruit and sugar-cane essence to create a uniquely fresh fragrance. The sugar warms the sour and bitter notes to create the sweet and tangy perfect combination of this grapefruit fragrance.

The smell of Lilac combined with cashmere is like kicking back, getting cosy, and embracing the warmth you feel wrapped up in your favourite blanket. This fresh scent conjures a sophisticated scent with a blend of lilac to make up the fresh exotic notes in this amazing fragrance.

A magical, modern potion that blends femininity with boldness. It’s a sweet summertime smell for all the Southern belles with a light floral, elegant scent that’s layered with sugars & decadent sweet flowers. The perfect fit for a beautiful, sophistication home.

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Full of gorgeous charisma, strength and elegance, our fragrances will continue to emit from the wood for weeks after all the fragrance is absorbed from the bottle

The Anke Products Wooden Top Fragrance Diffuser is spill-proof which makes it safer around children, especially when considering fire danger. With the wooden top there is no need to turn the mechanism like you would with reeds, simply open and use. Its an all natural product which utilises the natural bodies of Birch wood to emit the fragrance into a large area. With its thoughtfully designed mechanism, the wooden top emits fragrance into the air much more efficiently, and at a more consistent rate than reeds. According to our customers, the wooden top continues to emit fragrance up to 4-6 weeks after the liquid has evaporated.


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